Welcome! The main aim of the Erasmus Europe on Scene Network is to extend and consolidate our project: a network of European universities or Dramma Schools that enables groups of Erasmus students to create and exchange cultural experiences alongside local students.

EUSCN’s super-objective is the integration of several citizenships from different social, cultural and political backgrounds in society (refugees, migrants, Erasmus students…), through language learning and using theatre and drama practices as vehicle.

If your University or institution is interested in launching a new venue then you can download the Handbook we have prepared to explain the entire management process to get your started.

The management model presented below has been prepared based on the experience of all the partners involved in the Project. Take into consideration the complexity of the university calendars used in each of the participating countries. This means that the examples detailed in the manual can be modified according to the interests of each Erasmus on Scene institution.

One in hand, the main objective of this tool is to coordinate and order the continuous work of the Project partners. On the other hand, it should serve to present and clearly guide you through the steps necessary to become an Erasmus on Scene partner. In addition, it aims to facilitate the work of the original partners and to organize the intellectual and educational contents for each of the future universities that could use their methodology.

This manual has been developed during the first part of the Erasmus + Network Network Project, co-financed by the Erasmus + program of the European Union. It is supported, in part, by the General Foundation of the University of Valencia, the Philipps Marburg University and the University of Padova. In addition, technical and artistic support has been provided by the theater company, CRIT.

If at the end your University wants to join the Erasmus Europe on Scene Network please contact us so that we can send you the agreement to join our network.

Download the file: