Erasmus on Scene venues has successfully created a stable network of European cities, universities, schools of drama and performing arts companies to develop and participate in the project: the Erasmus Europe on Scene Network (EUSCN).

Erasmus on Scene is a cultural and civic project directed towards both exchange and local students that started in 2009 at the University of Valencia (“Escena Erasmus”).

Erasmus on Scene is another step towards mobility of European students because it allows a group of European citizens to become the protagonists of a host city’s cultural life, thus visibly strengthening a union of diverse backgrounds.

Erasmus on Scene is also an excellent method of spreading the founding values of the European Union to rural areas through a program of theatre tours and “The Little Europes” exchanges.

Erasmus on Scene makes a truly artistic and creative space possible at a first-class level.

At the moment, the management team at the headquarters of the European Theatre Project Erasmus Scene is undergoing steady negotiations with the European Parliament to be able to develop a pilot project that allows us to open new Erasmus Scene venues in Europe, as well as provide them with stable economic and exchange possibilities. Objectives include promoting a new European citizenship through culture that directly affects the rural development of the most depopulated regions; collaboration between public institutions and cultural industries; the integration of the new European citizens who have arrived in our countries; and the consolidation of young people who base social action on the values of the European Union.