Erasmus on Scene project is a pioneer European cultural and citizenship project. It was created in 2009 at the University of Valencia (“Escena Erasmus European Theatre Project”) with the aim of harnessing the creative and intercultural potential of the Erasmus community.

Our activities are targeted at local students and incoming international students, as well as the refugee community from each of the participating cities. Erasmus on Scene project is an excellent tool to launch a constant reflection on the reality of our continent through the performing arts.

In addition, Erasmus on Scene project has managed to create a stable network of European cities that carry out the project: the Erasmus Europe on Scene Network that already groups the cities of Valencia (its headquarters), Marburg, Padua, Cagliari, Lodz, Sofia, Pamplona and Seville and expects to include other cities as well.

Erasmus on Scene project has been operating for ten years with its own funds from each of its headquarters, convinced and aware of its potential, its success and its viability.

This project represents a further step in European student mobility since it enables a group of European citizens to become protagonists of the cultural life of the cities that host them, showing the strength of different cultures within the EU.

Erasmus on Scene venues transmits the founding values of the European Union to rural areas through its programme of theatrical tours and exchanges “The Little Europes”.

Erasmus on Scene project manages to create a top-notch artistic creation space.